The Atmosphere of Air Academy


Air Academy’s courtyard is a common gathering place for students during the day.

Air Academy has been ranked one of the top schools in the state, and it has a great deal of classes you can take, but what’s it really like on the inside? 

Air Academy High School provides a safe and communal space for everyone who steps foot into the building. Students are greeted by the security member at the front door who smiles and makes sure everyone is safe.

As a student, there are many teachers who are willing to help you with several issues, from finding directions, helping with grades, or even just someone to talk with.

Teachers socialize with each other, asking about tips for teaching or asking how each other’s weekends went.

As the years pass, many staff and students have walked the hallways, leaving memorabilia across the school as they go. Awards, uniforms, and pictures of those in the past are constantly visible for students and staff, demonstrating that no matter how long ago those awards were won, those uniforms were worn, and those pictures were taken, they’ll still be remembered.

“Air Academy really makes you feel like a team and that you can work together with anyone; it’s like we share what we know with everyone so that no one is left behind,” said Julie Millhauser, the health and wellness teacher at AAHS. 

The teachers are very academically focused and genuine when it comes to students’ grades. Many offer after-school help for those who need it, taking time to make sure students fully understand the material. The teachers are also very empathetic and are happy to help find a solution to any problem a student may have.

“I can’t count the number of times I have seen students offer to walk lost peers to class or eat lunch with them.  When staff and students ask “how are you” they really want to know,” said math teacher Kimberly Madden.

Not only do the teachers encourage a positive environment, but students are open-minded and respectful of others. 

The majority of students speak well to each other and do not mind the things outside the social norm. In fact, uniqueness and individuality are often encouraged and celebrated. For example, a student supporting their peer to audition for the school play and celebrating their success is a common occurrence at Air Academy.

“The students and staff here are very accepting and helpful of each other, I’ve seen many instances where a student is having a bad day and another cheers them up by the time they leave my classroom. Its a very positive environment here [at Air Academy] and if you put in the effort you will surely be rewarded,” said theatre and English teacher Katie Klostermann.

Air Academy provides a safe, caring space, facilitated by the outstanding students and staff. All of those characteristics make up the Air Academy and its true atmosphere. Air Academy High School is poised to uphold its standards of excellence in the future.