What are the PSATs going to be like this year?


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Attention all Juniors: the PSATs are coming up quickly! With COVID-19, procedures will be different from the last PSATs that the majority of us took during freshman year or the beginning of sophomore year. 

How are they going to change? 

Administrators will enforce new rules so everyone can ensure students take their tests safely.

Tests will be taken all over the school instead of just in the cafeteria or the gym. Students will be spread out in classrooms with a maximum of 10 per classroom. Masks will be required, of course, and administrators urge test takers to bring their own water, snacks, and pencil. After the test is finished, students are required to go home immediately after. Buses will be provided for students who need them. 

Student have different reactions to the testing changes, and some of them are centered around stress.

Sarah, an 11th grade student at Air Academy, explained how their testing experience last year was a very stressful time.

“I’m not very fast at answering questions on tests, so I stressed about and not being able to finish enough questions in the given time,” she said. 

She also agreed that this year would be extremely stressful as well because the preparation time would be a longer process. 

Junior Joy Kemp believes that the testing period isn’t the most convenient because of everything going on, but she also thinks that the precautions are necessary to keep other students safe and away from risk of getting sick with covid. 

“I think that testing this year will be more stressful because people aren’t used to having to social distance and wear a mask during tests but I think it’s more of the anticipation of it then like the actual test taking that will cause stress,” Kemp said. 

Right now times are very stressful with the shift in how school days work and adjusting to wearing a mask and social distancing.

Assistant Principal Anna Keilman, who coordinates assessments for Air Academy, wants all of the students who are taking the PSATs to make sure and get a good night’s rest and make sure to eat a healthy breakfast that will give students enough energy throughout the day. There are also opportunities to study on the College Board website. By logging in or signing up and making an account, students can do the practice tests that will help prepare them for the upcoming test in October. 

Administrators are in the process of planning the future SATs for juniors in the spring. As of right now they will still be happening in April and depending on the state of the pandemic there might still be the same regulations for the SATS as for the PSATS this semester.