Let the Good Times Roll


Seniors Emily Gregerson, Ethan Abbs, Ruthie Evilsizer, Hope Crawford-Guanera, Mary Waterman, Gabriella Robinson, Molly Matheson, Olivia Jacobsen, Michealla Hein, Abby Cole, Matthew Mettler, Matthew Storer, Dylan Harley, Justin Banta, and Gabrielle Young all gather after Homecoming dance at Abby Cole’s house for late-night pancake dinner.

At Air Academy High School, we hold a tradition of “Good Things,” in which each student can share something good going on in their lives at the beginning of class.

Not only does this bring students closer to one another, but it also allows for each student to count what they’re  grateful for, even during strange times such as quarantine.

Although there are many things out of our control right now, there are also many great things that should be celebrated.

Here is a list of accomplishments, memories, and “Good Things” for students at Air Academy and Rock Canyon High School.

  1. A memory I had from this year was going hammocking with seniors Eli Bennet, Gabriella Robinson, Dylan Harley, and Emily Gregerson. We spent the whole Saturday night throwing popcorn at each other and drinking Arizona teas.
  2. We have over 330 students graduating from Air Academy High School.
  3. Two Kadets were given Air Force ROTC Scholarships (Laudan Archuleta and Andrew Pixely) and a third student earned a Navy ROTC (With Optional Marine) Scholarship (Ryan O’Conner).
  4. Air Academy’s Chamber Choir was able to get to Colorado Music Educator Association (CMEA).
  5. Four awards were given out to our theater department at the Pikes Peak Regional One-Act Competition, including “First Place Overall”.
  6. Katie Esler, a senior from Rock Canyon High School, thought this was a great year for making new friends, as well as a wonderful Homecoming. “All my friends and I thought it was so special because it would be our last one,” Esler said, “I loved getting to go out to dinner with everyone and take pictures.”
  7. There are two students at Air Academy who are Gazette’s Best and Brightest Award Winners: Rebekah McIntosh and Parmida Mahdavi.
  8. Senior Olivia Jacobsen said, “I love going to my friend (Abby Cole)’s house after every school dance for pancakes and a game of sting pong.”
  9. At Rock Canyon’s Wish Week Assembly, they helped make their Wish Kid Fabian’s dream come true, and he was able to go to Lego Land.
  10. Dutch Bros. Coffee is expanding their locations; a new Dutch had opened not even 10 minutes from the Air Force Base, allowing easy access for students. There will also be a new one opening up in Castle Rock.
  11. Ellie Olsen, senior at Rock Canyon High School, went to her old hometown in California and was able to catch up with some old friends.
  12. Air Academy’s Boys Varsity Soccer Team made it to State Finals.
  13. “I loved being able to make a tree house with my friends, Matt Storer, Eli Bennet, and Andrew Pixley,” said senior Austin Bruce.
  14. Above all else, students went the full yard nines with school spirit and school events!

Although we are all facing a trying time in our lives, now is more important than ever for everyone to say what they are grateful for each and every day.

It’s been amazing to share these stories as journalist this year.  Although there is no telling what the future holds, there is so much promise and excitement for the upcoming school years at Air Academy.