Seniors, What an Exciting Time


The Class of 2020 stands at the first assembly of the year.

What an exciting time: the end of high school.

Seniors, you have officially accomplished twelve years of school. Now that is amazing. High school graduation is more than just your last hurrah before adulthood; it’s a mile marker in your life’s success story. These last four years you have experienced so much and experienced things that have shaped you for life.

Think about all the tests, papers, labs, and homework assignments you have done, even though it might not always have been what you wanted to do, you still tackled it. You rock. Now think of all the amazing projects, opportunities, and challenges that you will be able to tackle in your future. What an exciting time.

Seniors reflect on all the joy, freedom, and friendship that came along with being in high school. Of all the people within Air Academy and outside that have helped, loved, and been with you through these last four years, take those friendships to heart and continue to surround yourself with those kinds of people. Think about all the incredible people you will meet in your next four years of life. What an exciting time. 

These last four years you have learned the perseverance and work ethic it takes to accomplish goals. Take these skills when you leave and soar with them, because now it’s your decision where you apply yourself to. Think about all the dreams you could dream, knowing that you can make them come true. What an exciting time. 

The class of 2020, you now have the golden ticket to pursue your passions to the fullest. Whether your next step is college, a move, a gap year, a career, an internship, or a year of travel, high school has set you up in a way that any of these are a possibility, you just have to put your mind to it. Think about everything that you will accomplish in your next four years of life. What an exciting time. 

“The characteristics that stood out the most from your class to me is the determination, kindness, and community-driven aspects. You guys love to help out in any way you can and enjoy making the world a better place. This will be crucial for our future as a country and world. You guys can lead the charge!” ”

— Kali Maxwell

These past four years you have worked for this very moment, and it is here. Every moment spent at Air Academy with your peers, teachers, and friends have all been working for the same goal. Keep these memories close to your heart. Think about the next group of people that you will surround yourself in these next four years. What an exciting time. 

Class of 2020, when you look back at your time at AAHS, you will reflect on years of growth, hardship, laughter, determination, friendship, persistence, and accomplishment. This class of 2020 will be a class of success stories because our last four years as a class were exactly that. We will change the world in our own ways, big and small, all having a part. High school has displayed this for us, whether we realized it or not, every single experience has added up to this very moment, and it’s impacted us in bigger ways than we probably realize at this moment. Now think of all the things these next four years will be.

What an exciting time.