Have You Ever Heard of a Calendar?


It’s important for students to stay in routine, whatever that may look like.

Believe it or not, Air Academy High School, Academy District 20, and the state of Colorado as a whole is entering its fifth week of E-learning.

This change, in an effort to stem the flow of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been and will continue to be a driving force of change for all Air Academy students and has provided an increasingly foreign perspective on daily life. From an upheaval of school schedules to when to go to bed at night and when to wake up in the morning, people everywhere are struggling with the changes.

An established daily routine is almost a necessity for most, if not all, Air Academy students; COVID-19 has certainly forced every student to reevaluate their daily routine.

Sophomore Conner Robinson commented, “[The routine] definitely important. During the first week of E-learning, I was struggling to find and keep a routine, but now I’m able to find one.”

The current American school system is focused around a solid schedule, attempting to mimic a typical workplace after high school or college, so when a major event such as the Coronavirus outbreak occurs, students, faculty, and administration are left with a figurative question mark above their heads.

Although the stay-at-home order minimizes many opportunities and activities to remain in routine, it remains important to establish a set daily schedule to stay healthy.

In an article published by Learning Potential, the author outlines the necessity for developing students to establish a routine by providing a comprehensive list aimed towards helping students maintain a sense of structure. “Routines at home can help teens to feel safe and secure, and can provide stability during a time of change,” the article noted.

Keeping a routine and maintaining structure does not only apply to Air Academy students and high school students as a whole, but also applies to employees working from home.

Tom Hutton, a manager of Public Relations for the UC Health hospital system has been working from home for the past month and commented, “I just had to change my routine, everything is different [during the stay-at-home order] and I had to adjust.”

Every United States citizen affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent quarantine has responded and continues to respond differently to this time of change, so it’s important that the Air Academy community does its best to remain happy and healthy in the hopes of returning to school later this year.

Making an effort to maintain a healthy schedule is not going to get the world through the pandemic alone. Doctors, nurses, public service officers, and other essential personnel need normal people everywhere to do their part to stay healthy so that they can help those in need. Maintaining a semblance of a routine is just one of the strategies that people everywhere can use in order to pull through the pandemic.

Even though things are changing at a quick pace, the Jetstream Journal will continue to publish the May first issue to commemorate Air Academy seniors amidst the constant changes we are all experiencing recently, and that is something normal that AAHS students can hold onto.