They Can’t Cancel Community


A screenshot from seniors Tatum Miller, Megan Lockhart, Campbell Fair, Sydney Pruitt, and Lexi Riehl’s groupchat of photos before quarantine.

Currently, it seems like everything is getting canceled, but one thing that can’t be canceled is community.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, community is “a feeling of fellowship with others.” A community can be big or small, but they are typically made up of people that care and love one another.  These attributes cannot be canceled, they are too special and can withstand all the distance in the world.

Even though we are in an uncertain time, we can find relief in the company of others.

As human beings we crave, desire, and naturally expect these connections we have with others. By doing life with others, our cups are filled.

Living in a time of social distancing, this connection can feel distant, however, no matter the distance a community is unshakable because it is a connection that is more than just face to face interactions, it is heart-to-heart.

Even though the people might be far away, being able to stay connected is near, and it’s actually probably in your pocket right now. Smartphones, laptops, video games, and good old-fashioned letters are just some of the many ways to stay connected to your community.

We still can have face to face conversations, but they just need a little help from screens. Before the events of the Corona, living in the 21st century with technological responsibilities could be overwhelming at times, but now they have provided the exact resource we need as a world to stay connected.

“I’m staying connected with my friends during social distancing by Facetiming them and going on hikes, but making sure to keep my distance,” said senior Megan Lockhart.

Regardless of your physical location, technology has provided an avenue to “stay close” to your community.

Social media platforms have adapted in tremendous ways to provide outlets for people to stay connected. The popular TV viewing network, Netflix, created a share viewing format that allows distanced friends to watch the same movie while chatting. Outside Facetiming, there are numerous other video phone apps and formats that allow you to see your friends’ faces.

Maintaining contact with your peers and friends is so important to boost your positivity during this time of isolation. The joy, love, and the friendship do not have to stop because normality has.

“It’s important to stay connected in order to maintain important relationships and check in on everyone’s mental health,” said senior Tatum Miller.

As a form of encouragement and motivation, be sure to stay connected to your friends, Kadets. No matter the distance, friendships are vital to your mental health and positivity. Without a doubt the situation of the present day is an extreme no one has ever experienced before. But how lucky are we that we have the resources to maintain the communities we have already built, and have a way of forming new ones?

Know that everyone is in this together, and everyone is in need of a friend, so go the extra mile to encourage and keep relationships with one another. With all this extra time, send a text, write a letter, send a picture, or even share a TikTok. Every bit adds up in loving one another–from a distance, of course.