Treat Every Day as a ‘Yellow Monday’


Seniors Ruth Evilsizer, Mary Waterman, Gabriella Robinson, Molly Matheson, Hope Crawford-Guanera, Emily Gregerson, Abigail Cole, and Gabrielle Young all soak up yellow during the Senior Sunrise.

What do smiley faces, sunflowers, bananas, daffodils, lemons, rubber duckies, Cheerios, and the senior class of 2020 all have in common?

They are all yellow, and it is no surprise they all bring a smile to faces when thought about.

According to Color Psychology, many moods are associated with different colors, such as green.

“Green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility,” said Color Psychology.

The list goes on as many different colors are tied to their own specific feelings: pink is correlated to love, blue with enthusiasm, red with energy, and brown ties well with resilience.

However, there is one color that constantly stands out more than all of the colors in the rainbow: yellow.

Yellow is a color often overlooked by many people, but it can actually have a major impact on how others carry themselves.

From Very Well Mind, “Colors in the red area of the color spectrum are known as warm colors and include red, orange, and yellow. These warm colors evoke emotions ranging from feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of anger and hostility.”

This bright, sunny color is also proven to stimulate nerves and purify the body, along with cheer someone up on a rainy day.

Taken by Rylie Wiening on the first ‘Yellow Monday’ at Grand Canyon University.

Furthermore, the color yellow can actually reveal more about one than they would initially think.

For example, if someone drives a yellow vehicle, it means they are probably a happy person overall and take a few more risks than the average person.

So, why should any of this information lead to people wearing yellow on Mondays?

Great question.

Mental Floss explains clearly how Mondays have a bad reputation and is generally the day of the week people dread the most.

According to Mental Floss, “you are less healthy on Monday morning.” Fortunately, for most people, this doesn’t require a hospital visit, but your blood pressure remains high that day, along with any chance of getting sick.

A lot can happen during a weekend, which is also a reason as to why you weigh more on Mondays, even if you keep up with your health and weight.

Moreover, during the weekend is when a person typically eats more than they normally would, attributing to feeling less attractive at the beginning of the week. Monday is also the average day for people to start fresh or kick out old habits.

Mondays are not the best.

However, they can be. The day is all about what you make of it. One way to do this, is with the color yellow.

Rylie Wiening and Anders Carlson, seniors at Grand Canyon University (GCU), implemented “Yellow Mondays”; a day full of positivity and promise.

“My friend Anders Carlson and I both had a love for the color yellow, and coincidentally realized we both owned a variety of yellow clothing. I thought it would be fun if we picked a day of the week for us to wear it,” said Wiening.

Yellow high-top vans against a yellow picture taken by Rylie Wiening.

Wiening chose Mondays, conveniently on the same day of their University’s chapel service. After every chapel, everyone who attended that wore yellow would take a picture, and it would be posted on social media to help brighten other’s days.

They eventually started skating around the GCU campus and yelling to everyone they passed by that it was “Yellow Monday”. Soon enough, more and more people around campus began to take part in following the new tradition.

Wiening said, “Yellow Mondays made getting ready and starting a week more fun! I could look forward to going to chapel and seeing a ton of people wearing yellow, who were also happy to be there!”

Wiening is an alumni of Rock Canyon High School, in which students there had also taken part of her idea to make for a happier week, and began to wear yellow each week. This made each student very enthusiastic about being at school, as well as brought everyone together.

Yellow articles of clothing compiled together for Air Academy High School’s next Yellow Monday.

With the world’s current situation (COVID-19), students need yellow more than ever. This new trend will add a little sliver of sunshine into one’s life from the comfort of their own home.

Any quarantine stay-cation can be made a little brighter for many by dressing up in yellow and making the most of the time they have.

The school week should begin with positivity and happy hues. By wearing yellow, M0ndays might shine a little brighter, starting every week on a happier note. However, you can treat every day like “Yellow Monday”, by spreading light, kindness, and positivity everywhere you walk.