Water Bottle Culture of Colorado Springs: Nalgene vs Hydroflask


The rivalry of the greatest water bottle brands. Edited labeled for reuse.

Colorado Springs sits at 6,035 feet, making it a prime location for altitude sickness. To avoid this, Coloradans take hydration to the next level. What do our water bottles say about us as a state?

It is safe to say that “water bottle culture” is a known idea amongst the Springs. Typically you will find your average person with some type of water bottle. A factor to our heavy water bottle culture is the fact Colorado resident’s backyard is the Rocky Mountains. Water bottles are a must when adventuring in the Rockies, due to the increase of elevation. Activities such as hiking, rock climbing, camping, skiing, mountain biking, and hammocking are common amongst residents, which all require staying hydrated.

Known to be an active and health-conscious state, water bottle culture is prevalent. Young or old everyone needs to hydrate, now it’s just the decision of what you will carry your water in. Most commonly here at Air Academy, Nalgene’s and Hydro Flask’s are typically used the most amongst the student body.

However, there is room for biased opinions on which one is superior, we can recognize students for being health-conscious by staying hydrated.

It is no secret that Hydroflask has blown up on social media platforms after becoming a staple for the internet trend of  “VSCO girls”. However, these water bottles actually do have justifiable reasons for being a common favorite.

According to Hydroflask, “inspiring an active and joyful life on the go” is their mission statement.

Hydro Flask has features that guarantee to keep your beverage the same temperature when you put it into when you pour it out up to 24 hours. Hydro Flasks are ideal on hot or cold days to keep your beverage temperature consistent.

Hydro Flasks are practical for more than just drinks, they can also be used for meals as well. Because of their versatile abilities, investing in a Hydro Flask is worth your dollar.

“I prefer Hydro Flask because they are insulated and it helps keep your drink cold,” said senior Campbell Fair.

However, there are cons to a Hydro Flask, they do weigh 14.1 ounces vs a Nalgene that only weighs 6.2 ounces. Since, a water bottle is typically used for “on the go” activities, if someone is looking for a bottle with a convenient weight a Nalgene would be most practical.

“I like Nalgene because they are lightweight and more convenient to carry,” said senior Sydney Pruitt.

When choosing a water bottle weight is a factor, for example, while hiking someone would prefer a Nalgene over a Hydro Flask due to weight, or someone might prefer a Hydro Flask while hiking vs a Nalgene for temperature consistency.

Nalgene is also more “durable friendly” than a Hydro Flask. If a Nalgene is dropped it will more than likely be fine, however, if a Hydro Flask is dropped it is bound to get a dent.

Senior Lexi Riehl and junior Meghan Brazeau smile on the other side of a Nalgene water bottle.
Senior Lexi Riehl and junior Meghan Brazeau smile on the other side of a Nalgene water bottle.

On the contrary, both water bottle brands are eco-friendly in their own ways. As Colorado is known for being environmentally conscious, so it makes sense our water bottles are.

According to Hydroflask “1.5 million dollars” has been donated to nonprofit organizations that support protecting and preserving the environment.

In addition, one of Nalgene’s most known statements is “refill not landfill”.

“Nalgene’s help reduce plastic waste which makes the Earth happy,” said junior Meghan Brazeau.

Despite these two popular water bottle brands, regardless of the water bottle, you own you are making a difference in the direction of good health, staying active, and helping the plant by reducing the use of plastic. Because owning a water bottle stands for more than it appears, Colorado Springs will forever have a “water bottle culture”.