Mr. Kadet Takes the Stage February 26th!


Contestants senior Aidan Chesemore (L) and senior Carter Wood strike a pose in front of the Kadet bird.

Girls secretly fawn and boys swallow their pride while the camera lights flash at the many “models” going down the runway. This event produces lines of girls waiting to see their knight in shining armor. This pageant allows the senior boys of Air Academy High School to strut down the runway and show off their best moves, hoping to be crowned Mr. Kadet.

It’s not that easy to be THE Mr. Kadet. It takes time and practice to earn such a prestigious title.

Contestants must fill out the application form which consists of questions asking about your life, relationship status and school activities. This form must be approved by the school along with a glowing head shot. These forms should’ve been turned in by Wednesday, February 12th. For a participant to be accepted, they also have to submit a video of them preforming to show the school their “talent” and describe how they will use the stage during their performance.

The boys must show their greatest talents to the school hoping to wow them. This talent could be anything from hockey to ice fishing — any area the boys think they particularity shine in.

“Peter Toddler is going to be playing the song Tequila dressed in cloth and then I am going to come out and break a pinata,” said senior Carter Wood.

They boys have to perfect a performance that will surely be appreciated by the ecstatic crowd.

However, not all talents are going to be so extreme. “I’m doing a rap with Jaxon Mawhoney,” said senior Aidan Chesemore.

Most of the participants know what competition is coming towards them, but if they’re confident enough they can win the whole thing.

“I’m prepared for the best competition. I’m going to be prepared and ready to win,” said Wood.

The practices are 2 hours long over a period of 3 days in the auditorium. The practices are Monday, February 24th and Tuesday, February 25th. The last practice is where the full show runway is rehearsed and thoroughly perfected. It is mandatory to come to the practices held to guarantee that the talent is school appropriate.

In the past, Mr. Kadet shows have been a hit with students, faculty, friends and families of the contestants. It’s an opportunity to come out and have some fun while watching your favorite senior Kadet boys. In previous years, only 5 to 10 boys have been allowed to participate, so it’s an honor to be accepted.

Mr. Kadet only occurs once a year; this once in a lifetime opportunity might be the only chance to see your knight and shining armor walk down that lit-up runway. This event is normally in February because love is already in the air. So, ladies and gentlemen, come on down to the auditorium on February 26th for a glorious three hours.

For more information, visit Kali Maxwell or look out for posters around the school.