What Do Sunsets Mean to Students?



The Colorado sun sets for students and teachers to enjoy.

Do you always stop to watch as the lights go down and the colors change?

Have you forgotten how beautiful they can be?

Will you remember tonight and stand in the cold to watch the waning warmth?

What do sunsets mean to you?

For many it means it is time to go to bed; for some it’s just a pretty, romantic setting; for others it is the inspiration for great works of art. Sunsets have had many meanings over time in various cultures and time periods.

“I think you have to be in a certain mood for sunsets,” said juni0r Michael Johnson. “Sunsets are contentment… things are coming to a bit of a close.” Johnson believes sunsets are a sign of closure but also of promise: The promise of a sunrise.

Not all students see sunsets as the end, though.

“A beautiful sunset reminds us that the rest of the world is out there,” said senior Julia Gentry. “It’s easy to get tunnel vision on the minutia of your day, but the beauty of a sunset disrupts the monotony.”

There’s a reason why sunsets can be so calming. According to Psychology Today, sunsets have been proven to improve mental health for students. Watching the sunset can increase emotional well-being, concern for others, and satisfaction with life.

It’s true; many Air Academy students have felt comforted and relaxed by the setting sun at the end of the day. To students, the sunset is an opportunity to stop stressing about schoolwork and to instead focus on something simple and bright.

“The clouds [look] so beautiful and ominous, it [makes] everything around it look so small,” said sophomore Grace Mare. She doesn’t necessarily find peace or closure from the sun coming down, though; to Mare, they’re just beautiful art pieces to enjoy.

Sunsets don’t necessarily have a deeper meaning. Kadets can find enjoyment just in observing something that they believe is beautiful. The sunsets could have a personal meaning or internal revelation for students, but they also could just be a pleasant background for a Friday night football game.

For several students at Air Academy, sunsets are Colorado staple, but for others, sunsets can be a journey to another home.

“They remind me of Korea. Korea has the best sunsets,” said senior Kate Nho.

The other side: While some students see a beautiful landscape or an internal peace, other students see a problem. According to the Scientific American, the red coloring of many sunsets is caused by air pollution, either from forest fires and volcano eruptions or by human interference.

It’s something to enjoy but it can also be something to ponder.

Sunsets aren’t exclusive. Whether a freshman or senior, geek or athlete, Colorado native or neighbor, sunsets are for everyone. Johnson said it best: “It’s calming, it’s peace… sunsets in Minecraft.”

The most beautiful sunsets come from Minecraft