Is the Early Snow Ruining People’s Fall?


Aidan Helvey

Junior Kyle Stahl grieves in the aftermath of the huge snowstorm days before his favorite holiday, Halloween.

Fall season is in full swing. All around, people rake up fallen leaves, hang decorations, and everywhere is full of everything pumpkin. Autumn is a season where many people take the opportunity to enjoy brisk temperatures as a respite from summer heat before the snow comes in winter. However, Colorado often subverts its residents’ expectations.

This year, fall fanatics have been blindsided by three snowstorms before the beginning of November.

On October 23, around 6:45 PM, the second snowstorm of autumn 2019 hit Colorado Springs, and many people were surprised.

Now, with a city coated in snow, staff and students alike are having different reactions; some are excited about the snow, and others have more negative feelings toward it.

“A cold October is a cold Halloween, and that isn’t fun,” said Junior Braden Baker. “You don’t call fall ‘winter’ and you don’t call winter ‘fall.'”

Falling snow illuminates a streetpost minutes before the Oct 23 blizzard hits.

Baker is but one example of the student populations; many others dislike the premature freezing temperatures and believe they are ruining their spooky season. However, there are some that are more than okay with the snowy state.

“I don’t mind the snow,” explained English Teacher Mrs. Dallas Hall.  “I don’t really like the cold, but this is actually the appropriate time of year, and it’s really helpful for filling up reservoirs.”

Others are happy for other, interesting reasons too. Junior Lydia Huzji, who is also an avid filmmaker and photographer, shared her opinions.

“I love the early snow,” Huzji stated. “It’s perfect for some shots and some general feelings that we’re going for. It’s very pretty.”

When snow hits as early as late September, it is a mystery as to what this winter season will bring. Will there be a repeat of the colossal snowstorm from last year? Will students be in school until June? In all this confusion, only one thing is for certain. Students need to brace themselves, because winter is coming.


The USAFA base is coated in glimmering snow the day after the Oct 23 snowstorm.