The Inside Scoop on the School’s Stellar Student Council


Picture taken by the Air Academy Instagram of the students back to school assembly.

Imagine walking down a flower filled hallway with fairy lights twinkling in your eyes. You can hear the music blasting in the distance; the bass seems to reverberate through your bones. As you walk into the main gym, you finally arrive at Homecoming. It was one of the best nights during your high school career.

But who are responsible for giving you a night like Homecoming?

Air Academy’s Student Council (StuCo) is responsible for many school events at Air Academy High School. 

The council spends a great deal of time planning, prepping, and setting up school events. Student council is led by Kali Maxwell, who is also a health and wellness teacher, girls lacrosse coach, and physical education teacher; she has been running it for three years. 

“Student council is responsible for several activities [and] events throughout the school year. We run Homecoming, Harvest of Love, MORP, Prom and a few others. StuCo also attends parent council meetings and updates parents on events as well as Mr. Olson,” said Kali Maxwell.

The school spirit at Air Academy is one of the most important concepts to the students in Student Council. Senior William MacGuire has been a part of StuCo for a few years now and he has striven to involve everyone. 

“I joined student council because I wanted to make a difference [in] student school spirit. That’s also why I ran for speaker of assembly, so I could make assemblies more fun and involve everyone,” explained MacGuire. 

Aside from all the hard work, the students plenty of fun and time to bond in the classroom. 

“The best part of being in student council is working with the student leaders of our school. I love watching all of our hard work pay off when our fellow peers are at dances and events having fun,” said Junior Natalia Lambos. 

How does Student Council come up with all their creative ideas for school events? The answer is simple: time and communication.

In the beginning of every class, there is a meeting between all the members. They throw out ideas and build on them. It takes much more time than one might expect because they have to run everything by the staff, plan months in advance, and promote the events. 

“The mission of student council is to build a student lead program that helps to enhance and promote school activities and events,” explained Maxwell. 

Having school spirit is important because it helps bring students together and helps them connect, and in addition to that it’s fun for many of the members. Traditions at Air Academy are created through school spirit, like at the end of assemblies when the students get in a circle and chant, when students decorate with their class colors, and when everybody gets together at sporting events. 

The students have been hard at work planning upcoming events. 

“We have Harvest of Love on November 8, followed by the Veterans Day assembly on November 11,” explained Senior Megan Lockhart. 

We can thank Student Council for all their hard work and consideration towards our school events. We look forward to seeing what student council has planned for us. Don’t forget to bring your cans for Harvest of Love!