NAHS Students’ Artwork is on Display in the Library


Aidan Helvey

The Friends cutout poster, now filled in with faces, greets all who come into the library.

The life-sized pop culture posters remain on display in the LMC

Have you ever been in a quiet place such as a library and suddenly felt somebody watching you? Well\, that somebody is the face of Spongebob Squarepants looming over the AAHS Library.

Since around the start of the Second Semester of the 2018-2019 school year, students may have noticed the large art pieces featured in the Library and the main question is: what’s that about?

The fun-sized art pieces including a Star Wars Poster from the first movie, “A New Hope,” Michael Jackson’s 1987 album cover for “Bad,” and a SpongeBob poster for “Sweet Victory” have been on display for a while. 

The Friends poster, detailing the main six cast members is actually a face cutout poster that people can stick their face in to pose for pictures, similar to those you’d see at a  boardwalk or convention, which isn’t far from why this poster was actually created.

“The pieces were originally made by NAHS (National Arts Honor Society) students for last year’s MORP, a student-council led school dance,” explained ceramics teacher Jonny O’Lonergan. “They were made for decoration for the dance and we’re probably going to be asked to make more.”

Since they have been on display, they have been attracting attention from both students and teachers who frequent the library. “I love them,” said Patrice Geis, Media Center assistant. “They really are a fun addition to the library setting.”

“We’re actually planning on putting them up on permanent display,” added Miss Traci Trimbach, Media Center DLC.  

These pieces truly showcase the talent of these students. This display of artwork is similar to the Art Show in the library in 2017, when hundreds of artwork pieces created by AAHS students were showcased for weeks for all to admire. 

“I really admire the skill and time put into each piece,” explained junior Sage Montgomery, an AAHS art student. “I enjoy being in the art program because the teachers are very good, and they teach me all the skills that I need to know.”

If seeing more of these student-created artworks is something to look forward to, definitely check out the library around MORP 2020, as there could be more of these pieces to anticipate.