Students Fall for Autumn


Seniors Sydney Pruitt, Megan Lockhart, and Campbell Fair pose in front of fall leaves in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Deep oranges and vibrant reds are plastered everywhere. Midnight screams echo from haunted houses during the night. Damp earth squelches under people’s feet as they walk across crunching leaves.

Every day, you step into a realm of light grey skies and distracting trees, holding a pumpkin spice latte in hand. Combinations of soothing smells like pumpkin, apple cider, and decaying leaves waft through the brisk air. It is the trick or treat season time of the year, but what is the actual trick to living a full life in the fall?

What is it about this season that is so cheery and bright when it’s the complete opposite outside? 

“Pumpkin patches and picking your own pumpkins, then raking up leaves and jumping in them, then going inside to drink a warm beverage [make it cheerful],” said senior Suzanne Palka.

The bright leaves on the trees make it the “most aesthetic season of the year,” said senior Sydney Pruitt. Colorado is the ideal place to see this transition unfold. Families and friends make trips up to the mountains to see the aspen trees change in the masses. 

“Trees changing symbolizes a peaceful and calm time to me. I think of beauty, peace, and connected with nature,” said senior Acacia Ryska. 

With snow approaching and temperatures dropping, fall only lasts a month or two. Enjoying it at its prime time is the way to go. Traditions like pumpkin patches, corn mazes, haunted houses, carving pumpkins, and the variety of pumpkin flavored treats are all reasons to celebrate this short season. 

The season has an activity for everyone, including movie lovers, adventure seekers, food lovers and scare enthusiasts. A variety of horror movies are available in theaters and the annual movies of the season are being brought out to watch yet again. It is the time to venture onto a new path to get lost among the aspen leaves. Chefs experiment with various spices and squashes to create the perfect dish, while others buy the annual pumpkin pre-made cookies at the store. On the weekends, teens and families line up outside of the haunted houses to get their thrill fill. And, of course, the night of Halloween is a night where all types of people come together in their excitement for dressing up and getting free candy.

“Fall makes me feel overjoyed. The weather really calms you and you get to dress in sweatshirts and light candles, it just everything seem so cozy and intimate,” said Pruitt.

Style in itself is a statement of the season as students begin experimenting with layering, flannels, and beanies. It’s the ideal time to show off your style before a clunky coat is needed in the winter. The comfort of sweatshirts mentioned by Pruitt stimulates a sensation of comfort and coziness.

Furthermore, the qualities of the earth are celebrated as we appreciate the natural seasonal change. Admiring the beauty and intricacy of over size leaves, misty morning fog, and the capturing action of leaves falling to the ground. Your eyes become drawn to the excitement of rare colors on trees and your nose is inclined to sniff the tasty seasonal treats.

“Chilling at a coffee shop looking outside at the leaves falling is what I love to do in the fall,” said senior Aarron Rodriguez.  

Fall creates a sense of relaxation in the midst of back to school and the business of life, compelling us all to stop and take in all the color around us.The contrast of weather and scenery creates the opportunity to “count your blessings,” according to senior Jenni Taylor. Fall is a time of self reflection from the summer or the past year. 

Whether you simply stop to look at the colors around you, spook yourself out to the max, try a new outfit, or even just sip on a pumpkin spice latte; enjoy the fall to it’s fullest. Fall is the perfect time to fall in love with the season!