Powderpuff: A Tradition That Will Last


View from the Junior sideline of the intense game in the first half.

Under the K-Dome lights, juniors and senior students are ready to fight for their class’s victory. Students are excited for the night of personalized jerseys, girls playing flag football, student coaching, friendly class competition, and new addition this year: male cheerleaders. Powderpuff, a tradition that has lasted through the years, gives Homecoming  week an even sweeter taste.

Senior Caroline Rather said, “The thing about Powderpuff that makes me most hyped up is when it is [Homecoming] week. I think it really adds to the week to get everyone excited.”

“It gets me excited for Homecoming because it shows our school spirit and it is a good competition that involves everyone,” said junior Annie Louthan.

Junior Pearl Yocum said Powderpuff “adds to the numerous fun activities planned for Homecoming week and hypes people up for a memorable night.”

All students, faculty members, and parents gather on a Wednesday night to see the friendly competition unfold.

“I think it is a friendly competition. There will always be that rivalry between the juniors and seniors and sometimes people get heated, but I think at the end of the day everyone is ultimately there to have fun”, said junior Sydney Spindler.

Yocum said, “I think it is definitely a friendly competition where you can jokingly battle against friends you have in the opposing grade, but the game can still get rowdy.”

Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019 at 7 p.m. in the K-Dome, the class of 2020 and 2021 hunker down their excitement at the sound of the whistle. Clipboards, jerseys, mouth guards, turf, and a motive for winning is all these classes need. Senior hearts are determined after losing as juniors last year, and juniors are determined to keep the losing streak going for the seniors. After wearing their personalized jerseys for Class Color day, the anticipation in the hearts of the upperclassmen amplifies to truly “Go fight, win”.

“I think jerseys are what make Powderpuff a little more unique and fun because they’re different for everyone”, said Rather.

Another friendly battle fought and another successful year is put into the books for the tradition of Powderpuff.

In this year’s annual Powderpuff game, juniors take the victory over the seniors. The game was fought till the very end with a final score of 22-18. Juniors, going against all odds, took home the win. Seniors, now having lost two years in a row, are still filled with joy regardless of the outcome. So, what is it about this competitive night between upperclassmen that makes this night so memorable, despite the final score?

Ceramics teacher Jonny O’Lonergan said, “I think it’s great that guys and girls switch roles with the girls on the field. I love that there are student coaches because then that really helps with leadership development.”

Junior Bailey Spriggs noted tgat Powderpuff brings “the classes together and it’s just a cool tradition that I’ve watched for two years and now I get to be apart of it.”

Junior Vincent Bowen said, “I think the best part is the custom jerseys honestly and being on the k-dome field.”

Powderpuff is a tradition made to amplify school spirit and student involvement during Homecoming week. A new addition this year was a halftime show by senior male cheerleaders.

Head coach of the Powderpuff boys cheer team, senior cheerleader Reaghan Dougherty said, “Coaching the boys was a little chaotic cause they have so much energy, but it’s very fun and I can’t wait to keep working with them and show the school their routine. I am all for it to become a tradition, it is at most schools and so many people look forward to seeing this.”

Before the new performance, senior Will Markworth said, “Coming from one of the guy cheerleaders this year, I can tell you this tradition will stick because of how funny and great the performance will be.”

“I think having the boys cheer should be a tradition because a lot of other schools do it and it adds onto the entertainment of Powderpuff,” said Rather.

Powderpuff has been making its mark on AAHS for years, creating awesome high school spirit. At the end of the day, regardless of the outcome, memories are born between all upperclassman students as they get to shine under the k-dome lights. Bringing upperclassmen peers together over a friendly competition. Powderpuff will be a tradition that will last for many more years.