It’s Only Three Dollars, Right? Kadet Coffee’s Impact on Air Academy


A Coffee cup full of money representing how much students spend on Coffee.

The modern world surrounds itself with one thing that keeps us moving: Coffee. 

Most of our population drinks it. According to E-Imports, over 400 billion cups are consumed each year. 

At Air Academy High School, students get their coffee fix at Kadet Coffee.

Located by the cafeteria, Kadet Coffee is opened during the first, second and third blocks, as well as Kadet Time. 

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) students work hard to serve coffee, tea, and even Italian soda that fulfill all of the students and teachers’ needs. 

But why does Kadet Coffee exist in the first place?

Kadet Coffee owner and DECA teacher Aly Johnson said, “Kadet Coffee started three years ago with the previous teacher and Mr. Olson was really excited. Olson wanted to bring a school-based enterprise to air academy so kids can learn and enjoy. So with a little bit of the bond money, they invested in this space for the coffee shop. When I took over the year after, we did a lot of marketing research to understand what they wanted. We rebranded everything. This is the second year with me in charge and we are off to a great start.” 

Johnson continued to talk about how she wants students to leave with a skill after high school. “[I want them to be able to say] ‘I know how to make coffee,’ or, ‘I know how to run a successful business and do marketing.'”

Kadet coffee’s income has grown over the three years it’s been in business. Now, a hefty majority of students at Air Academy order their favorite drinks at the school business.

Sophomore Mia Belmear said, “I love Kadet Coffee so much. It is essential to me, and it really helps me throughout the day giving me a boost. I would say I’ve been to Kadet Coffee three or four times.”

Students should realize how much this adds up. If one person were to buy one large mocha for $3.05 every school day, they would be spending about $500 for the year, which could go towards a car, save for insurance, or saving up for college. 

That’s not even including buying for friends, like Mia does occasionally.

Students can at least take comfort knowing that their purchases go to a good cause: DECA.

“Kadet Coffee is a fundraiser for the DECA program, which is our marketing club, so that helps students pay for their way to go to invitationals, state competition, or nationals. Never do I want someone to not go to a competition because they can’t afford it,” said Johnson.

Nevertheless, Aly Johnson is happy with the success of the business, the staff is happy that they are learning life skills for the real world, and the students are enjoying their coffee.