AAHS’s New Kadet Center is Making Sure no Student is Helpless


Students focus on assignments in the Kadet Center.

In today’s intense high school climate, students are increasingly overwhelmed with every new school year. Balancing eight full classes, sports, extracurriculars, and other issues a typical high school student experiences can be exhausting.

With Air Academy High School’s implementation of the “Kadet Center,” however, Air Academy is one step closer to making sure that no student is helpless. 

Air Academy has made numerous efforts to assist students in the overall high school experience throughout the years. The KMAC (Kadet Math Academic Center) and KWAC (Kadet Writing Academic Center) focus on helping students stay on top of math and writing assignments, and have greatly reduced the stress level of Air Academy students. However, the Kadet Center pledges something else.

According to the Kadet Center’s moderator, Bob Wingett, “The Kadet Center often provides for a more quiet place for students to work on assignments.”

Wingett also recalled a story of an anonymous student who was dedicated to being successful in high school coming to work in the Kadet Center, and leaving on the verge of tears. The Kadet Center served as their only peaceful place to keep up with schoolwork.

Contrary to systems like the KMAC’s, the Kadet Center will firstly accept any student for any reason, whether that is catching up on assignments, asking for help, or simply a quiet place to decompress. 

Freshman Misha Jackson said, “[They give you] a lot of help, and it’s a really quiet place so you can get a lot of your homework done and not have to worry about doing it at home.”

The Kadet Center also offers a Kuerig Coffee Maker for students who study in the Kadet Center, adding a new element to a study spot. The classroom is set with lounge chairs and dim, peaceful lighting, creating a space that can only be compared to a downtown coffee shop. 

“The coffee, hot chocolate, and comfortable chairs make for a pretty relaxing environment,” said Wingett.

The Kadet Center also enlists the help of student tutors recruited by Bob Wingett. This peer tutor system is similar to other academic support systems, yet remains an interesting strategy for keeping assignments under wraps. 

Junior Abigail Bowers is a peer tutor in the Kadet Center. “I like helping kids and helping bring up their grades, and it’s also a good way for me to remember stuff from what they’re learning,” she said.

The Kadet Center also acts as a study hall for the peer tutors involved, allowing tutors to help others while keeping their own high school career in check.  

Air Academy’s new Kadet Center offers a refreshing take on what helping students should resemble, further encourages students to do their best, and eliminates excuses for not keeping up on assignments. The Kadet Center is located in rooms 400 and 401, on the ramp into D Building and is open daily.