Stickers: What Do They Mean to Students?


AAHS junior Maizie Daye flexes her stickered water bottle.

All around AAHS and many other high schools, students can be seen with laptops, water bottles and cars decorated with stickers, stickers and more stickers. However, a question may arise: Do these stickers have any meaning or were they just randomly purchased from some retailer simply for aesthetics?

Well, contrary to what some may believe, some stickers have a lot of deep meaning to their respective students.

A perfect example of this is sophomore Patience Russo-Way, who has stickers of her late father. Russo-Way said, “I have [around] six on my water bottle, [and on] my laptop three. [Some are] of my father, who passed in August.”

Others simply like to support their favorite teams, companies, and their own extracurricular programs. Freshman Josh Kates said about his stickers, “[I have] eight on my laptop, it’s like sports teams and Air Academy stuff.”

Sophomore Lisa Aitken uses stickers to represent her dance team. “I have my turning point dance sticker on my car,” she said.

Similarly, sophomore Jett Neubacher has stickers to indicate his favorite brands. “I have a vans sticker on my water bottle,” he said

Junior Maizie Daye had a lot to say about her water bottle, as it is a mural of stickers. “I have a Popeye’s sticker on my water bottle, and a Milk and Honey sticker, which is a coffee shop in Nashville. I was born there and lived there for two weeks; best city ever,” Daye said.

Many others simply have the stickers for the aesthetics. Junior Calissa Steel said, “[There are] too many to count, they’re kinda just there. They’re just for the look.”

Junior Campbell Fair also has stickers for aesthetics. She said, “I have eight stickers on my laptop, they’re just for the look.”

Junior Inika Brass said, “I have two bear stickers on my car, they’re for the look.”

However, a few others have stickers because it brings them joy and happiness. Two prime examples include sophomores Ashlyn Johnson and Zoe Farrell.

“I have like nine on my water bottle, my pride and joy is my Barney in hell sticker. One of them is from my sister when she went to Hawaii. When we were little, my sister got me a sticker from the San Francisco airport for my make up band, and its the same one from Hawaii,” Johnson said.

Farrell said, “I have nine on my water bottle. They make me happy.”

Whether they are there just to be visually appealing or to represent memories from the past, stickers mean more than meets the eye to the students of AAHS.