Holiday Shopping Season is Here

Winter has come: the roads have frozen over and Black Friday is gone. Christmas shopping comes to an end and stores mark up prices. Soon they sell out and last minute shoppers get desperate to find a gift. People look for anything only to find that there is nothing left. As they run out of ideas they get anxious. They buy the first thing their loved ones look at and hope they like it.  

This is an all too common sight as the holidays get closer, but it can be avoided. By knowing what is a common and reliable stress can be avoided and families can be satisfied. With some research and forethought finding a gift can be made simple and stress free.

As a kid, it can be hard to find a gift for parents. As much as they appreciate all the novelty socks and “World’s Best Parent” mugs they get every Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it is nice to change it up a little. Unfortunately, an original gift will need thought and effort.  

Parents want to feel that their children know them and see how much they help them. A more personal gift that is unique to the person will really demonstrate this well.

A popular gift for all ages is the newest smartphone. This year, Apple has released their new iPhone X and it is expected to sell well. This is an expensive gift, but is common for people to have regardless of age. They are also updated and improved often, so many people replace and throw out the old models.

Teenagers can be hard to shop for, but video games can also be a reliable gift. This year several popular games are being released near the holidays and are expected to sell many copies. The most popular game being released is Red Dead Redemption 2. They are popular presents, but not all teenagers like them, so it is important to know the recipient of the gift. If they do like them, they are cheaper than phones and make a great hobby.

Experiences can make a unique and fun gift. They can also become traditions that everyone look forward to each year.

“We always play lazer tag with the whole family,” said Kimberly Madden. “It might not be much, but we give a little something for everybody.”

Now, holiday shopping is here and people can rest easy knowing that their loved ones will love their gift. But Christmas isn’t about stress or shopping, it’s about generosity and community.