Girls Swim Dives Into the 2018-2019 Season

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Girls Swim Dives Into the 2018-2019 Season

Photo of 17-18 season contributed from Kera Nelson.

Photo of 17-18 season contributed from Kera Nelson.

Photo of 17-18 season contributed from Kera Nelson.

Photo of 17-18 season contributed from Kera Nelson.

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Girls’ Swim and Dive is making a splash at Air Academy this year.

Every year, girls’ swim has the highest tryout rates at AAHS. About 70-75 girls try out each year, but this year is the first time coaches have made cuts to the Swim and Dive team.

Besides socialization and competition, there are other benefits to swim.

Swim and Dive boosts the heart rate and relives stress on the body. The sport builds endurance and muscle strength, helps the body maintain a healthy weight and strengthens the heart and lungs.

Swimmers can compete in events such as freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly stroke and the backstroke.

In competitive Swim and Dive, the competition gets more fierce as time goes on.

“We have a really big team. It’s one of the biggest that we’ve had in the history of the program. I love the culture of the team the girls have a lot of fun. As hard as we work the identity of the team is more about who’s there and who’s next to you and what we can accomplish together,” said Coach Scott Newell.

Each girl is determined and focused on improving their performance.

In sports that focus on the performance of just an individual, it’s difficult to incorporate team-work and camaraderie. However, the swimmers all enjoy cheering each other on from the sidelines. This support has made for a family-like bond on the team.

“Swim is really fun, and I’ve met a lot of new friends in my lane. Meets are really fun because you get to watch your friends swim and cheer them on and it’s overall just a very fun experience,” said sophomore Zoe Farrell.

The practices are structured to be interactive. Three lanes are used for varsity, three lanes are used for JV and three are used for diving. The varsity team swims up to three miles a day in practice, while JV learns the basics of competitive swimming. Varsity Coach Newell and JV Coach Sara Boyer strive to include all members interactively.

Swim and Dive frequently combines the JV and varsity teams during practices. This is important because it brings the team bonding aspect into play.

Practice together, win together.

“Girls swim team is an incredible experience, whether you’ve been swimming for years or a few weeks. Every practice, meet, and social event is an exciting opportunity to build teamwork skills and to become part of a great big supportive family,” said sophomore Kera Nelson.

At AAHS, swimming is more than a sport; it’s a lifestyle for the girls. 

The swim team practices at Rampart High School and at Pikes Peak Athletics during weekdays to prepare for swim meets, since AAHS doesn’t have a pool. Team marketing and fundraising covers the cost of Pikes Peak Athletics pool’s rent.

The girls hope to look back on a successful season when the sport wraps up in February.

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