The Best Way to Spend a Snow Day

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The Best Way to Spend a Snow Day

One of the best activities to do on a snow day is get outside and build a snowman!
Labeled for refuse by Pickerington

One of the best activities to do on a snow day is get outside and build a snowman! Labeled for refuse by Pickerington

One of the best activities to do on a snow day is get outside and build a snowman! Labeled for refuse by Pickerington

One of the best activities to do on a snow day is get outside and build a snowman! Labeled for refuse by Pickerington

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Waking up in the morning to look out the window and see piles of snow gives students a burst of hope that there will be a snow day. As they turn on the news with hands shaking, they pray that they will see the red, bold letters reading “Academy 20 – Closed.” The moment those words flash on the screen, excitement runs through the student’s body, confirming that there will indeed be a snow day.

Snow days are the perfect unexpected break from school that every student needs. Suddenly, an entire day opens up with hours of free time. For some, the obvious way to spend these cold days is doing homework and other house chores. However, since snow days are so rare, wasting away the day by doing homework takes away all the fun and excitement. So, when there is an alert of a snow day, cram as much as possible into the day and make sure you cherish every single moment.

Image result for snow graphic colorado springs

This chart shows the average amount of snowfall in Colorado over a year. As the graph shows, Colorado does get a lot of snow, though not often enough to result in a snow day. 

One of the best ways to spend a snow is by being as cozy as possible. Wear warm pajamas and fuzzy socks to snuggle up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. Snow days put students in the Christmas mood, so a Christmas movie should definitely be playing. Invite some friends over and have a movie marathon to make the day very cozy and fun.

“I always spend my snow days snuggled up inside and watching my favorite movies and shows. I love having friends over to watch Christmas movies too,” stated junior Acacia Ryska.

Another way to enjoy the day off school is by braving the cold and going outside. Have some friends meet up and have an actual snow day. Sledding is the the perfect way to spend the day, and it’s so much fun. There is a certain time frame to go sledding to make it the best experience. Early in the morning, when the sun hasn’t been up for long and there aren’t too many people out is the perfect time to go. That way the snow hasn’t melted by the sun, or been ruined by other people either sledding or walking. Have snowball fights, build snowmen and make snow angels. Snow days don’t come that often, so get outside and don’t take it for granted.

“Every time we get a snow day I always go sledding with friends,” said sophomore Jack Pearne. “We have so much fun and spend hours going up and down the hill.”

Baking is another great way to take advantage of the snow day. The day off is the perfect opportunity to bake warm, tasty treats, such as cookies. Invite some friends over, bake something together and then having a decorating contest. This is a fun way to spend the snow day inside with your friends.

“On snow days, I always feel like staying cozy inside and definitely baking cookies. Turning the Christmas music on with the snow falling really puts me in the Christmas spirit,” stated sophomore Tessa Morse.

With the stress of school, spending a day off pampering yourself with a spa days is a great use of your free time. Use the snow day to treat yourself and relax. Take a hot shower, put a face mask on and take a nap. Snow days are a great opportunity to de-stress and catch up on much needed sleep. Using this day to relax isn’t a waste of the day, it is a chance to get a break from the normal routine of daily life.

If you are feeling rather adventurous, skiing is always a considerable way to spend the day off. Spontaneously driving up to the mountains with friends and family is almost more fun than a planned trip up. Everyone is in high spirits because of the unexpected day off, so skiing is extra fun and a great way to make the day more memorable. (See Kate Pearne’s story, “This Year’s Ski Season Might be One to Remember.” )

Overall, snow days don’t come that often, so when they do, students must take advantage of them. Spending the day with friends, playing outside, or just relaxing is a great way to take advantage of the surprise day off.

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