The Secrets Behind Walls

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The Secrets Behind Walls

Protesters rally to fight against the immigration policy.

Protesters rally to fight against the immigration policy.

Protesters rally to fight against the immigration policy.

Protesters rally to fight against the immigration policy.

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The rising tensions in immigration have created a battle between several groups of people. As immigration policies began to grow, facilities more commonly known as ‘immigration detention centers’ were made to hold illegal immigrants until a court date had been set for each individual. These detention centers were created by ICE and since then led to places for children called “Tent Cities”. These facilities are similar looking to prisons wherein immigrants are placed behind locked fences.

Most of the public are blinded by false truths of how the government has treated immigrants in detention centers and in public. The horrors that were hidden behind walls were finally broken down and the harsh truth came out. Detailed letters describe the pain and degradation of human life. One woman described the facility as “La perra” – the kennel or the dog pound.

In April, the zero tolerance policy was made in order to make some “positive change” in immigration. The Justice Department and Border Patrol Authorities started to prosecute every individual who crossed the border illegally.

Aimee Nolan, a junior at Air Academy High School describes how she fears that stereotyping leads to hatred or discrimination of immigrants.

“People should be able to come into the country because that is what America stands for, freedom and independence,” says Nolan.

 According to USA Today, the protest began with the separation of about 2,300 children from their parents.  Still, no one knows the exact amount of children separated. The worst pain and torture a parent or child could go through is not knowing what has happened to each other. They were left not knowing what these strangers were going to do to them. The harsh and cold truth was that parents and children were lied to.

The dark path continued when children and parents were sent to detention centers all over the United States. In these centers, devastation took place. Children were kept in cages and treated like animals. The children had no protectors and no idea where their moms or dads were. Children were seen sleeping on mats and using solar blankets to keep themselves warm. It was reported that in most detention centers the children were given only bottle water and chip bags.

These are only some of the horrific conditions of the facilities. No child or parent should ever be put through this type of pain and suffering.

As children were left without a mother or father, they cared for each other. A 16-year-old girl who wanted to stay anonymous, gave herself the task of being a mother figure for the young.

“She had to teach other children in the cell to change their own diapers,” the associated press addressed to the public.

While parents were left to fear where their own children were, they were shackled and put in handcuffs like prisoners to be placed in different facilities across the United States. The living conditions were despicable and inhumane. Fences and worn down mats were sprawled around the centers.

 Harriet Sinclair, a reporter from Newsweek, describes events experienced by Rubia Mabel Morales Alfaro, a 28-year-old who was pregnant at the time she was being held by ICE in one of the detention centers. Alfaro explains how it led to a heartbreaking discovery.

“When the doctor examined me, he said there were many reasons for the miscarriage, but it was likely because of the conditions they had me in.” Alfaro continued to explain how she was pushed to the ground and not given medical attention when she needed it.

In my opinion, no one should ever lay a hand on, hate, or treat others this horribly just because they were told to do so. This is wrong. People are given a choice to stand up for what they believe is right and not tolerate these vicious acts of discrimination and violation of human life.

Stand up for the children who are left wondering if their mom or dad is coming back. Stand up for the parents who are in constant fear not knowing where their children are and if they are safe. This torment and torture for these families is heartbreaking and makes me feel physically sick that this event has taken place in my own country. I thought America was the melting pot wherein diversity was shined upon in it’s uniqueness. I thought America was the land of the free. Stand up for those who are suffering. Do not stay hidden behind a wall.

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