It is not Cool to Juul


One of America's biggest problems facing the new generation...Juul.

“Juuling” has become one of America’s greatest epidemics among high school teens today. A Juul is a vaping device that delivers a “hit” of nicotine. Seeing young teens with a Juul is growing increasingly common-place.

The vaping device has skyrocketed in use since July 2017, according to Business Insider. To own this device you must be 18, yet people under the age have managed to get a Juul.

Nearly half of the students in Colorado’s middle and high schools have tried Juul, according to Colorado’s Healthy Kid Survey.

The Juul is comparable to the cigarette of previous generations. This new generation finds the Juul more appealing because of the sleek look and the “lesser” amount of chemicals. However, teens fail to realize “Juuling” is equally dangerous as smoking cigarettes.

Because Juul is marketed toward young people, they are seen as sociably acceptable in today’s society. Young kids say that “it is cool to Juul.” That’s a dangerous mindset because nicotine has been proven to affect the still-developing brain.

Cigarettes carry tons of chemicals a person would never dream of consuming. Yet, people are unaware of where Juul’s chemicals are coming from and how toxic they are to the human body. 

Back when cigarettes were popular, people had yet to know the long, serious effects of smoking cigarettes. That is the same situation with Juul. Students fail to realize its negative impacts on their health.

Air Academy High School has its very own dilemma to face with “Juuling.” Since the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, new rules about “Juuling” have been enforced more heavily. Vaping was new for schools to deal with. The district and the deans of schools had to decide a correct and fitting punishment.

The new policy for usage and possession is in school suspension. The second offense for usage is three days out of school suspension and the third offense is five days out of school suspension. The second offense for possession is one day  out of school suspension and the third offense is three days out of school suspension.

AAHS is committed to maintaining an academic environment. Many are concerned the Juul distracts from learning.

“They are more worried about Juuling or going to the bathroom to Juul…to me it is a focus pull,” said AAHS administrator Sean Whitson.

The administration wants their students to achieve their goals and reach their full potentials. “Juuling” is a hold back to the students not only in our school but around the country; it comes with physical, mental and social serious consequences.

The FDA has noticed the hold juul has on the young generation and how easy it is to get a Juul. Juul has been given 60 days to prove they can keep Juul away from minors or the product will be taken off the market.

There is always a choice.