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How has our Newspaper aged?

For those who don’t know, it is currently Air Academy High School’s 60th anniversary. Twenty years ago, Air Academy students put together a time capsule filled with meaningful objects that represented our school during the time. Since then, generations of students have gone through Air Academy, unaware of the contents of this capsule, wondering what surprises it could hold. 

This year’s group of students get to be the lucky ones, however, as this is the year the capsule will be opened. A fellow author of the Jetstream Journal, Bethany Diaz, wrote a story on it earlier this month.

Please be aware that the date of opening the capsule is being postponed until the ’98 reunion this July. 

In celebration of this event, we’re looking back at an old issue of the school newspaper from 1998. A senior special edition featuring stories such as the OJ Simpson case, the suicide of the lead singer of the popular band, Nirvana, and more.

Back in ‘98 the school newspaper was called “The Claw,” with a logo of talons ripping through the paper of the front page. 


OJ Simpson       

The trial of the century was still fresh in everyone’s minds in 1998, and a section of this edition features a summary/recap of the period when anyone who turned on the T.V. would see the man who allegedly murdered his wife and Ronald Goldman.

The trials contained the infamous scene of O.J. putting on the gloves he supposedly committed the acts of homicide with. He was found not guilty, however, as the court reasoned they hadn’t enough evidence to convict him of murder.

Little did the authors of The Claw know that not a decade later OJ would be imprisoned for armed robbery and kidnapping. OJ Simpson was released on parole not a year ago from today.


Kurt Cobain          

Nirvana was a band that started with 2 men playing some instruments. They practiced and practiced until they formed a larger band and became one of the top bands of the 90’s.

They were a hit on the radio until 1994 when their lead singer, Kurt Cobain, shot himself in the head. It was a tragedy that would be remembered for decades, even to this day. Nirvana’s music is still popular, though. It is rare to find anyone who hasn’t heard “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

In memory of the great singer and band, 1000 people played that very song in 2016. You can watch the video of the occurrence here: