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Looking Forward

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This year, The Jetstream Journal has produced a variety of quality, well-researched articles that reflect the personalities of our staff’s seniors.  As we publish our last issue, we regretfully say goodbye to these people who have filled our class/publication with new ideas, laughter, sass, and REALLY good pancakes. Though we’ll miss the wonderful community that they’ve created here, we support them in all their future endeavors and look forward to seeing the positive impacts they’ll make on the world. Here are the things they are looking forward to most post-graduation:

Robbie Corl- Managing Editor, Debate Expert, Deadline Misser, Dog Lover

“The level of independence is a lot more enjoyable, I feel like this summer will be the most enjoyable one that I’ve had so far. Most importantly I’m looking forward to going off to college  and being able to pursue something of my own interest, because for so long high school teaches us things that a lot of us aren’t really interested in. I want to be an international studies major with international law. I’m not too interested in statistics per say- or you know, pre-calculus. Math isn’t really what I’m primarily interested in. So to go off to college and at least eventually start to work toward more specialized education is certainly an interest of mine. 

Jake Werner- Copy Editor, Humor Connoisseur, Miata Driver, Flathead

“Definitely just going to a new place, a new atmosphere. Air Academy is getting a little stale, I guess. Meeting a lot of new people, that’s what I’m excited for, especially people who have kinda similar personalities to me because I’m going from a school of like 1,000 kids to a school of 30,000 people. That’s gonna be a lot cooler- just a lot more people, everything’s more lively.  I am going to be on the college ski team too, so that’s neat.”

Bethany Diaz- Copy Editor, Party Host, Nail-Art Queen, Expert Pancake Flipper

“I’m really excited to be in a new town because I’ve lived here my entire life. Having all my stuff in one place because my parents have been divorced since I was 3 will also be a good thing. And not living at home because, ‘ew.’ And my best friend is going to college with me so that’ll be lit, I‘m so excited. Also, my best friend from elementary school is coming too! I’m just really excited to not be here anymore. We did it, it was good, but now let’s go. Let’s get out of here.”

Whitney Moran- Managing Editor, Fashionista, Lacrosse Beast, Aesthetic Queen

“I’m gonna get a tattoo- the breast cancer symbol because my mom was diagnosed a couple of years ago. I’m really ready to live someplace outside of Colorado Springs; new city, new people, new ideas, just a lot more people. I’m gonna miss the consistency-knowing that I have a schedule, getting up, my parents will make me breakfast, and they’ll do my laundry. I have pretty dope parents.”

Jonathan Flat- THE Managing Editor, Certified Genius, Stanford Sweatshirt Wearer, Robbie’s Twin

“I’m extremely excited to go to Stanford because its been my number one school choice- gotta flex on them sometimes- since late middle school. Ultimately I’m just excited to get back to California where I was born, that’s where all my family is as well. And, of course, there’s the aspect of it being a world-class education which also is a little intimidating, but I look forward to it. They also have a ski condo in Lake Tahoe where students can go and ski on the weekends.”

Calvin Yocum- Copy Editor, Shaggy from Scooby Doo, Guitar God, Ramen-Dropper

“(I’m) Looking forward to college of course, just being on my own- being able to kind of pursue what I want to pursue without a parent over my shoulder watching my every move. I’m probably going to try to travel- do some “study abroad” stuff in college. I don’t really know what I’m gonna study yet specifically, but hopefully my first semester I’ll figure it out. If not, we’ll just see where it goes from there. Just kinda looking forward to being on my own.”

Dylan Featherston- Journalist, Politically Hip, Tall Man, Mini-Pie Dealer

“I’m really looking forward to being out of my house because I’ll be in the dorms. I want to get out and grow as a person without having my family, parents, or teachers constraining me. I’ll also have a lot more choice in the classes I’m taking, so instead of just core curriculum I can shape it and  mold it to what I want. Other than that, it’s just freedom in general that I’m looking forward to.”

Sydney Grad- Journalist, Professional Arguer, Ronald Reagan, Law and Order Fan girl

“After high school I’m most looking forward to the fact that there won’t be any girl drama. It’s a major issue in high school and I feel like once you get to college you just don’t care anymore. I’m also excited (I’m going to Creighton) for basketball games and soccer games because I’m a big sports person. It’s gonna be fun to get out of Colorado Springs and experience different cities. I’m gonna miss building strong relationships with teachers- I’ve always been a teacher’s pet, so I think that’s gonna be really hard for me in college. I’m not gonna have those personal relationships.

Ryn Wayman- Social Media Editor, Sass Queen, Thicc Goddess, The Most Humble Human Being On the Planet

“What I’m most looking forward to post-graduation is not being in high-school, and not having to listen to people. I’m going to travel, hopefully a lot, and meet new people.  No more waking up at 6 a.m.. We learn to fly together side by side, I just hope the rest of my life will feel as good as my high school musical.”


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