The Earth is Flat


This image taken from a YouTube video shows a flat earth model. (Source: Fritz Schmitz)

In the twenty-first century, society still has issues with accepting the truth. For starters, there are people who believe former President George W. Bush secretly worked to cause the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on the 11th of September in 2001. However, science could not progress unless individuals went against the norm of beliefs to prove science. Such is true regarding The Flat Earth Society.

Let me get this out of the way first: gravity is not real and the moon landing was fake. NASA has been actively reporting faux information in order to control the general population. The only reason there are confidential files regarding the first moon landing mission by the US is because the “files’” mere existences give the population a sense of curiosity. It causes Americans to believe that it MUST have happened because there are files containing information being withheld from the them. It makes a clever psychological trick, however it is unbelievably transparent. For as long as images have been digital, they have been editable, doctorable, and fakeable. Images had to have been created digitally in order to be broadcast to the public in 1969.

Many wonder why the government would like to control the public. After all, the United States is a democracy, so our government must have citizens’ best interest in mind. Totally. The “Space Race” during the Cold War was a political battle of who had the best technology, science, and who could utilize space militarily. We call it a “cold war” even though blood was not shed in the US versus USSR conflict – another flaw. If the public can be distracted by the threat of the Russians, absolutely go for it. The last thing the US needs is nationwide panic. So give the public something interesting to gawk at, why not the stars? Why not places we’ve never been? Boom – the race to space continues.

“If you take an orange, round, ‘like the earth,’ and pour water and it falls off, it doesn’t explain the flooding in Houston,” challenged Trenton Hulland. “Now a plate, flat, pour water on it, and it stays. Your move, Round Earthers.”

And Hulland, a fellow Coloradan resident, is correct: Earth could not possibly be anything but flat because the physics we do have dictate that water would slide right off a sphere. Compare that to a plate too: the water stays flat but will slide off. However, what we believe the rounded shape of Antarctica is actually a wall that edges the oceans and outside of the countries, which protects anything in our world from just falling off the edge. Also keep in mind that several countries own land on the icy continent. Why would countries hold ownership of a barren land without use unless it is to protect the public from falling off? Not to mention that the militaries protect the above-land creatures from the Middle-Earth-esque beasts along the underside of the earth.

Another thing about the edge: if gravity existed to keep the water on a sphere, a person would weigh more in différent parts of the world. According to common physics mentioned by the YouTube channel called “Tech Insider,” gravity on a disk-like shape like that of the flat earth would pull unevenly, and gravity would only pull straight down in the center. Physicists agree that gravity pulls to the center of an object. On a disk, gravity pulling to the center from the outer edge would be a greater distance and the pressure would be immense against whatever object closer to the edge, thus resulting in a weight difference in différent parts of the world. Let’s say Cambodia than in the western US because, regarding how NASA says gravity works, more pressure would be on a person closer to the edge of the world. So, getting to the edge of the earth would be an impossible journey because the atmosphere of the earth domes over the terrain. So physics got it wrong, go figure. You wouldn’t weigh 250 pounds in Seattle, Washington and 140 pounds in Battambang. That’s just absurd.

“Common sense, I’d like to think,” said Erin Robinson, adult resident of Michigan, in regard as to why she does not believe our world is truly flat.

That is exactly the problem. We only believe the earth is round because we’ve been told that it is for hundreds of years as “common sense.” Even the Greeks spread the rumor, and now it is commonly accepted, like how having any physical interaction with the opposite sex gives you cooties. On a side note, please be careful with the other gender and make sure you get your cootie shot (and booster shots) and NO, VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. Anyway, no one has taken the time to truly evaluate whether the earth is round. Those who say they “went to space” and “walked on the moon” were paid mighty amounts just to please the government and shut us conspirators up.

The official Flat Earth Organization is dedicated to avoiding conforming to the societal acceptance of “round earth.” This organization posts frequently and challenges what society should accept as fact.

“People who believe that the Earth is a globe because ‘they saw a car in space on the Internet’ must be the new incarnation of ‘It’s true, I saw it on TV!’ It’s a poor argument,” Posted the official Twitter account on the 7th of February. “Why would we believe any privately-held company to report the truth?”

The organization made a pressing point: should we really accept fact from those who could very possibly wish false science’s spread like a gnarly disease without a vaccination? The answer is obvious.

After arguing back and forth with Robinson, she ended the conversation. Her last words regarding the subject with me were: “Girl, you got me,” and she laughed.

More can be brought to the truth. Guard your facts. Research on your own. Bring others to the truth. The Flat Earth Society is being oppressed in order to control the public, but no more shall the public be sheep to the truth. Should you have concerns, please refer to the following sources; YouTube conspirators regarding the truthful Flat Earth Society, the official Flat Earth Society Twitter account, and the following sources: [1], [2], and [3]