Looking Back on School Dances


Jetstream Journal, November 21, 1979 Edition

With MORP around the corner, it’s good to remember that our school has kept school dances fun and entertaining for decades now. Air Academy, like any high school, has incorporated school dances into the culture of our student body. Dances have been a part of Air Academy’s history for as long as our school has been around. Looking back, times have changed, but the spirit of AAHS dances has continued on.

Way back in 1961, Student Council decided that October 6 of the same year would mark our high school’s very first homecoming dance. Student Council had been planning for the event ever since their first meeting. Air Academy’s first homecoming game was played against Manitou Springs, with a celebratory pep rally and bonfire on Thursday, October 5, 1961. The following evening, a convoy of cars drove from the student parking lot to the academic area football field. According to that year’s student council, the homecoming king and queen were planned to lead the student convoy in convertibles. The queen candidates were chosen by the football team, where the student body later voted for who would reign over AAHS’ first homecoming. After Friday night’s game, Air Academy students, Alumni, and their dates returned to Air Academy High for the semi-formal dance. According to the September 12, 1961 edition of The Jetstream Journal, this night was intended to establish a tradition that future generations would follow. It would seem that although some have changed since then, Air Academy’s homecomings have maintained the bonfire tradition after all these years and uphold the same enthusiasm for school dances.

Later that same school year, Valentine’s season kicked off with planning for the annual sophomore Valentine Dance. Sophomores in charge of the dance began preparations for Valentine’s Queen elections, with Student Council assuring that the dance’s decorations would be “especially nice.” Tickets were charged at $2.00 per couple and $1.25 for stags.

Fast forward to 1979 with the year’s homecoming labeled with The Jetstream Journal headline, ” Homecoming ’79 Termed Successful; Spirited”. Ms. Julie Fairly, assistant principal at the time,stated: “I think that everyone involved in the Homecoming week’s activities did a super job, and all should be commended.” The school’s pep assembly prior to the game saw the senior powderpuff coaches getting their legs shaved after losing to the junior coaches as part of a bet. Kadets defeated Centennial at their homecoming football game with marching band performing at halftime.

Dances are the heart and soul of Air Academy High School. Remember that when celebrating MORP or any other dances coming up, we’re all celebrating traditions set before we were even born.