The 2018 Winter Apocalypse

Leilani Hammods, Journalist

As strange as the 2017-18 winter has been so far, the weather this year has been even crazier! With fires in California, snow in Florida, and unusually mild weather in Colorado, it’s starting to feel as if the world is going insane. This unusual outbreak of disastrous (or, in our case, disappointing) weather has concerned scientists who wonder what this could lead to in the future. Topics such as global warming and frigid temperatures have frequently made the news, and previous climate change deniers are now becoming believers.

SSgt Alex Koenig
An aerial photo of a Southern California Fire.                                                    Photo via “Air Force Photos” under the Creative Commons license.

The fires that have been ripping through California are extremely massive and destructive. They are responsible for the deaths of several individuals and the demolition of what used to be popular hangout spots. The unfortunate elimination of these recreational areas has brought some to ask, “What is causing this?” The simple answer is the combination of global warming and California’s ongoing drought. As complicated as global warming may seem, it is merely just the advancement of climate change due to human activities. These detrimental human activities include driving cars, operating factories, deforestation, and many other things. Although California has recently created laws to help control global warming, it could be years before this problem is resolved. Fire-fighters have been constantly struggling to contain these growing fires, and, hopefully, the issue will be eradicated soon.

On the other side of the US is Florida. Presently, Florida is dealing with their own unusual problems. After the first snowfall in twenty years hit the state,  some Floridians find themselves going insane. Known as the Sunshine State, Florida is presumed to be bright and sunny. This winter, though, has been different. The state is currently experiencing frigid temperatures which, in essence, have made for remarkably bitter winters. Since the state hasn’t been given the opportunity to prepare for snow before, they are coping by buying snow shovels and bundling themselves in coats. Outside is “snow” place to be in Florida, so they seclude themselves inside, where it is warm.

A few states northwest from Florida, Colorado is ironically wishing they were experiencing the snowy weather that Florida is having. Colorado recently had its first significant fall of powder on January 21st, but where has it been the past two months, and when will it snow again? Similar to California, Colorado seems to be experiencing global warming along with its neighboring western states. The heated weather prevents snow from falling and settling on the ground. Several students and staff members at Air Academy are disappointed in the lack of snow. Staying optimistic, residents of Colorado are hoping for more snow in the future.

America’s weather has been bipolar this year. The concerning problems are caused by human activities throughout the states over time. People can’t help but wonder how dangerous the problems of global warming and frigid temperatures could be in the future, especially when they aren’t expected.