Parking Lot Perils


The AAHS parking lot when there is no traffic. Origonal Photo by Dylan Featherston

Do you drive? Do you absolutely despise the student parking lot beyond all human comprehension? You’re not the only one.

Let’s face it, the school’s student parking lot is absolutely atrocious. It simply was never designed to host a student body this large and with recent alterations, it seems to be getting worse for many.

Many students just want to get home before afternoon traffic sets in to get to their homework, relax, not do their homework, or whatever it is they desire to do or not do at home. Unfortunately, this seems to be too much to ask given the current overload in student parking.

One student, Brendan Rishavy, who drives a Lexus ES 300, claims it takes him until 3:07 to leave the parking lot even though school ends at 2:45. Many other students have similar horror stories about leaving the parking lot.

Sam Garner, a senior here at Air Academy, states that it takes him 5 minutes to exit the Parking lot at around 3:10. According to Sam, closing off the parking lot was a “stupid” decision and that people should be able to leave the parking lot in any way that is legal. He claims security should reopen the left exit lane that is currently blocked off by traffic cones in order to ease the burden. Many students have voiced the same concerns about not being able to depart from school at a reasonable time.

The AAHS parking lot when there is no traffic. Original Photo by Dylan Featherston

Naturally, this issue is not limited to exiting school grounds alone. Students say that finding a parking spot before school is becoming a hassle. Although the parking lot does have enough spaces for all student drivers, it’s far from convenient to find the right parking space. Current student drivers do make it clear that finding a parking spot at this time of the year isn’t a major issue, however, as the year goes on and more underclassmen obtain driver’s licenses, the predicament will only get worse. As the number of students steadily grows, late appearances to after school activities could increase. On top of this, more cars naturally leads to an increase in car accidents from careless teenage drivers.

It is clear that the current lot simply does not suffice. But what solutions do we have?

Both Alex Gilbert and Josh Villanueva have suggested replacing the stop sign halting drivers at the exit with a yield sign to ease traffic flow. Others have suggested a system in which traffic will be rerouted through the “kiss and go” lane. Some engineering students have reportedly been working on a solution as well.