Senior Pranks


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You only have one opportunity in your life to pull the most EPIC senior prank. So in the words of Troy Bolton, “you gotta getcha getcha head in the game” if you want to leave the staff and admin with  lasting memories of your class.

All over the country, high schools secretly compete against each other over social media for who had the best senior prank in the nation. This contest is marked by the number of likes on their school’s social media accounts.  Although many of the high schools in Colorado Spring have had some pretty spectacular pranks. Mitchell Shaw, a senior here at Air Academy High School, told me that his dad was part of the Palmer High School class of 1985. For their prank they “went out late one night onto the football field after finals and carved the numbers 85 into half of the field and poured cement into the numbers. When staff members arrived at school the next day they were shocked.”

This was the first time that I had heard about a prank like this being pulled off. Since I have been here at Air Academy, the senior classes have seemed to be slacking with their senior pranks. The senior class of 2015 at Air Academy class brought their dogs to school. The staff got very upset and they had to take their beloved pets back home at lunch.

The security guards at AAHS seem to strongly dislike senior pranks. The security, including the rest of the staff members, think that pranks should be funny and not harmful to the school or other students. One guard said that “In the past, we have had student pranks that include bringing animals into the school although it may appear funny it may be hurtful to the animal itself.” Pranks that are not funny to them include “placing goldfish in the toilet bowls and drinking fountains” which they said happened a few years back.

Senior pranks may be very entertaining to the student body of any school, but, these pranks come with punishments. Punishments can be different for every prank. These can range from not being allowed to participate in yearbook signing day, to not being able to walk at your graduation. On the other hand, getting in trouble for your senior prank to some is a good way to leave high school. Not only that, but it would be a great story to tell your children and grand children one day.

If you are still in high school and want to have an epic senior prank then take a look at the ideas below!

  1.  Senior switch: for this prank you would have to contact another school and for one day your senior class and the senior class of another school switch for one day. You would go to the classes of the other kids and they would go to yours.
  2. This second idea is from Southern Guilford High School. The class of 2014 from this school put their high school up for sale on Craigslist for $2014. The listing included 12 bathrooms, underclassmen, a theater with a working sound system, and many more. I think its fair to say that their school was not to happy about this prank.
  3. If you are a Harry Potter fan, this prank is for you. One high school created a chamber of secrets in their bathrooms at school and wrote on the mirrors with red lipstick “the chamber of secrets has been opened… Underclassmen beware.”
  4. Wednesday also known as HUMP DAYYYY was taken literally by one senior class. They brought in a camel for the senior’s last humpday.

We can only hope that the senior prank of 2017 will be one for the books.