Spring Break 2K17

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Selena Gomez, Panama City, tropical beaches; college students nationwide rejoice over the biggest rave week of the year.  I’m talking about SPRING BREAK.  Every student looks forward to this glorious week and a brief break from the chaos of school.  “The annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend it.”  Besides building a rocket, fighting a mummy, or climbing up the Eiffel Tower, what can high school students do to maximize their week off in March.  Well, I’ll tell you the keys to a successful spring break.  So stay tuned.

Major Key #1-  Every one knows that the beach is the prime time spot for many a students nationwide to flock to to engage in musical activities under the sun.  This is the place to be… if you’re a goober.  Let me tell you what a real spring break consists of, couches and sunshine.  What is the worst part of the beach? The annoying sand.  It’s hot and it’s everywhere.  Here’s what I’m saying, drag your favorite couch to the beach, grab some refreshing beverages, and just chill.  Tell me that doesn’t sound like the most epic vacation idea of all time.  You get the relaxability of the couch but the excited nature of the beach scene without the unwanted sand getting everywhere and basically melting your skin off.  Also, if you set your couch right in the thick of the concert crowd, you could relax on your couch and listen to some sweet jams.  There is no better way to enjoy the amenities of the beach other than from the comfort of your own couch.

Major Key #2-  The mountains can also be a vacation hub for spring breakers from all walks of life.  We all love the mountains for its beautiful views, awesome skiing, and mountain town night life.  The aspect of the mountains that is little known to the public but sets it apart as a spring break destination is the thawing rivers and lakes.  As the weather is getting warmer, the lakes are beginning to shed their icy covering.  Set up a sweet tent city with your amigos on said thawing lake, but make sure you have a blow up mattress to sleep on.  You’ll have a grand ole time hanging out in your tents and doing winter activities for the first half of the trip.  Then, when the ice melts, you can ditch the tent into the bottom of the lake and chill on your blow up mattresses.  Now you have a floating tent city in the now summer weather.  You can also swap your parkas out for your flip flops in the summer mountain climate.  This vacation incorporates two kinds of mountain vacations in the span of one week.

Major Key #3-  There is only one other thing you have to remember when planning your spring break this March, go big or go home.  Make every decision like it’s your last.  Every thing you do during that week should be legendary.  It is a universal law that you cannot get hurt during spring break.  So stay safe out there kiddos.

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