Vineyard Vines Moves to Denver


Original photo by Reagan Brenenstuhl

Vineyard Vines is sailing to Colorado!

The popular store, well known for their preppy style and clothing, is opening a store in Denver, Colorado.

The preppy style of the South has been seen more often throughout the Midwest and west. This sense of style is very popular in colleges and most high schools, such as Air Academy High School.

Ian and Shep Murray are the founders and owners of Vineyard Vines. The two brothers grew up in Connecticut and during summers would always visit Martha’s Vineyard. This made them “huge fans” of water sports, fishing, etc! When the Murray brothers were young, they played in bands and started small businesses. They saved the earnings to buy an old boat so they could “head out on the water and escape life from time to time”.

When they grew up and began working for a living in Manhattan, they realized that the office lifestyle wasn’t for them. The brothers quit their jobs and decided to begin selling ties. They had said before quitting their jobs that they, “got our wisdom teeth pulled while we still had insurance, leased cars while we still had jobs and signed up for every credit card we could. We quit our jobs within ten minutes of each other, ordered some drinks, clinked our glasses together.”

They decided to sell ties because “it was better than wearing them.” Shep had the idea to put Martha’s Vineyard street signs on the ties. Shep says that “there was a need for this young, energetic, preppy look.” This was the beginning of Vineyard Vines.

They produced their first batch of ties, which included 800, on July 3rd, 1998, and sold out in the first week. They continued to make more ties and kept selling out. They paid off their debt, bought a bigger office, and hired some friends. The ties continued to be a huge hit; as a result, the cycle continued. They are still opening stores across the country, and Denver is next! 

Original photo by Reagan Brenenstuhl

They say, “People always say that if you do what you love, you’ll be successful. There’s no doubt that we’re doing what we love and loving what we do: we’re having fun, working hard and meeting great people.”. 

Vineyard Vines sells an array of clothing and household items which include, but not limited to, shirts, coats, vests, jackets, cups, and bags. Here at Air Academy, the majority of the students, both boys and girls have an overwhelming love of Vineyard Vines shirts, Shep shirts, and hats!

Recently, a variety of preppy stores have moved to the West, including Ralph Lauren, Sperry, Lilly Pulitzer, and now Vineyard Vines!

The brothers’ motto is, “Every day should feel this good,” which is how frat boys, sorority girls, and high school students choose to live when they slip on any piece of apparel from Vineyard Vines.