6 Year Old Starts Her Own Disaster Relief Project


U.S. Navy

061027-N-8909B-019 San Diego (Oct. 27, 2006) – Cruz Ponce, the development and communications coordinator for American Red Cross, shows Aviation Structural Mechanic 1st Class Jose Campa some first aid equipment used for disaster relief at the Helicopter Sea Combat Wing’s Emergency Preparedness Fair, at Naval Base Coronado. The fair included training seminars that provided emergency survival information to Sailors and their families. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Cale Bentley (RELEASED)

Making a change at only 6 years old! A girl from Keystone, Iowa, started her own disaster relief project. Raegan Junge was inspired to start her own relief project when she saw a family had lost everything from a tornado on the local news channel. “The people lost a lot of their belongings — and the kids who lived in the house even lost their toys. That’s when I realized it’s important to help people who have been in natural disasters,” says Raegan.

Raegan, now 11, has helped families in 19 states and is continuing to help more.

Raegan Junge started her relief project by making bracelets from her home and selling them to people around her community. Raegan places her bracelets by the cash register in local stores, so people can donate money and take a bracelet. With the money she has raised she buys supplies like clothes, toys, tissues, and other essentials. Recently, a tornado hit a nearby town, Benton, and Raegan gathered supplies for 48 families.

U.S Cellular recognized Raegan Junge’s program, called “Future of Good.” Grant Leech, vice president of U.S Cellular, says, “Raegan is a great example of someone who doesn’t wait for change to happen, she goes out and does something about it.” In an interview, Raegan said that she wished her office was bigger so she could hold more items, and U.S Cellular granted her with that gift and more. U.S Cellular donated lots of supplies and gave her $10,000 so she could rent out a storage space for two years that she could use as her office.

Raegan says, “I want other kids to know that age doesn’t matter. Anyone can help other people. If everybody helps a little, it could become a lot. That’s why I want to help other kids my age get involved in helping their communities because they could learn that it’s actually so much fun.”

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