4 Rad Road Trips


Pacific Coast Highway

Being young means that there is a lot of pressure to make as many awesome memories as possible. One of the best ways to make memories and bond with a group of friends is to pile up into a car and drive however many miles to see some amazing places that you won’t forget for the rest of your life. Here is your guide to some of the best road trips to take in America.


Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Looking to experience some sunshine and beautiful animals? Homosassa Springs is the place for you! Not only is this unique state park the manatee capital of the world, it is also the home to animals such as flamingos, black bears, and gators. If you’re looking for a place to fish, Crystal River is one of the best spots for saltwater fishing in the U.S.! Additionally, the park has scuba diving, hiking, boating, and biking. If you’re looking for an exotic and adventurous place, this is the road trip for you!


Pacific Coast Highway

If you’re looking to make memories, there isn’t a more classic road trip than a Pacific Coast Highway trip. Covering Washington, Oregon, and California, this route has everything from misty mountains views to sunny beach days. Plus, if you love ocean life, the Elephant Seal Rookery at San Piedras Beach in San Simeon, where 15,000 elephant seals migrate to every year is the place to go. This drive on Route 1, highlights all the beauty that these states have to offer.


Road to Mighty

The five incredible state parks in Utah are all connected by one amazing road trip- The Road to Mighty. This trip hits every park in Utah which includes Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Capitol Reef National Park. Saying that this trip has it all is an understatement. From unbelievable rock formations, amazing sunrise hikes, and intense climbing, The Road to Mighty is every outdoors man’s dream vacation.


Park Loop Road, Acadia National Park

If you’re looking to go on a more eastern road trip, Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park in Maine is relaxing and beautiful. This road connects the rocky shores, thick forests, and clear lakes for an easily accessible and calming drive. This loop has many observation points, such as Sand Beach, Thunder Hole, and Otter cliff for the vibrant scenery and wildlife around the park, so be sure not to miss them.

So go out, pile all of your best buddies into a probably too small car, roll down your windows, turn up your music, and enjoy one of these incredible road trips.