The Paranormal of Colorado


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Horror movie scene with a girl dressed in white in a desolated house; Shutterstock ID 149780201; PO: 1259; Job: ghosts

During the month of October in Colorado, things truly begin to get spooky. Halloween decorations go up and the ghosts come out to play. Spirits arise from the depths of hell and the trapped souls haunt the grounds of their death, lurking around to prey on the souls of candy powered children and stragglers walking by their lonesome. A haunted house can give one a feeling of fright but the paranormal destinations that are lighting up the map of Colorado will send spine-chilling fear through anyone.

The Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs has guests tossing and turning in the night, as a little girl with an extravagant Victorian dress roams the hallways and pops in and out of the rooms treating the guests as if they’re her playmates. Tampering with guests’ belongings, flickering the lights on and off to get a good chuckle off of the wide eyes and subtle shrieks, as well as rearranging the furniture in the rooms ensures she’s amused by her new friends. Needless to say, guests of Hotel Colorado get a fix of fun during their supernatural stay.

Riverdale Road in Thornton, Colorado, known as the “Gates of Hell,” is a hair raising scene for ghost lovers—ranging anywhere from the spirits of a wife and children slaughtered by a crazed man to the gruesome lynching of former slaves to a mysterious underground chicken coup that conjured evil spirits and demonic beings. If one is brave enough to walk the eerie road at dusk, be prepared with some running shoes and holy water; it’s said that the trapped spirits will make their presence known through making noises, breathing on you, and following anyone that passes.

The infamous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is a hotbed for the paranormal ever since the housekeeper, Ms. Elizabeth Wilson, was electrocuted during a lightning storm. Home to a plethora of spirits and ghosts that haunt the premises, each with their own legend, the hotel is also the inspiration to Steven Kings movie “The Shining.” Be sure to bring your camera and take pictures whenever you can in hopes of spotting a ghastly ghost. If one is looking to have their blood pumping, the terrifying and thrilling Stanley Hotel (deemed to be the scariest place in America) is the place for you.

The deathly Hotel Jerome in Aspen is home to the ghosts of past guests and employees that tragically died in the building. Many guests have claimed to have been visited by these spirits during their stay; in particular, a little boy in a sopping towel lurking in rooms is heard crying out for help. Former employee Martin Anquino stated, “I did have some paranormal events happen to me, including entering a room and finding the beds already made and seeing ‘smoke’ sometimes in certain rooms.” So if you are interested in having interactions with the trapped souls of Hotel Jerome make sure you’re not easily spooked because these ghosts aren’t afraid to make their presence well known.

Gold Camp Road Tunnels in Colorado Springs have a breathtaking view… in the daytime. After a visit to this daunting destination, nightmares are ensured; for the spirits of a bus full of perished children and some workers who died while building the tunnels haunt the grounds. It is said that if park your car in the second tunnel and turn the lights off, your car will be moved. You’ve been warned.

The historic Brown Palace in Denver, Colorado has been open since 1892 and has never been closed a day since; that would explain the variety of ghost sightings as well as paranormal activity. Employees have reported receiving phone calls from vacant rooms, hearing spine shivering voices when no one is around, and sightings of ghosts (an old train conductor in particular). A visit to the old Brown Palace will definitely satisfy the supernatural craving in your life.

The unearthly beings in Colorado will be on their A-Game this Halloween season, so grab your pals, a camera, running shoes, a Holy Bible, and venture out to these paranormal hot spots. Be prepared to be scared, these ghosts take no prisoners and won’t stop their blood-curdling behavior on your account. Happy haunting!