Pumpkin Shortage Strikes


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From hosting cute carving parties to the break in production of beer, the national pumpkin shortage is really putting a damper on everyone’s fall spirit.

With the pumpkin harvest decreasing, American’s are finding that the cost of their favorite fall food is on the rise. The pumpkins in pumpkin patches are raising at prices from 1-5 dollars per pound. Although this may not seem like much, you would be surprised at how this affects our favorite fall traditions.

The increase in cost is leading to higher prices, which means higher prices on our favorite fall drinks like the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, pumpkin flavored treats in your local grocery stores, and even pumpkin brew beer.

Not only does this raise prices on the goods related to pumpkins, but pumpkin patches around the country are having to raise prices on their other services, such as corn mazes, in order to compensate for the higher prices on the pumpkins.

Aside from the rise in prices, the fact of the matter is that fewer pumpkins make fall less enjoyable. “I think it will ruin the fall experience for a lot of families and a lot of little kids. I always used to carve pumpkins with my family, I know it was my favorite thing to do in the fall. At night, it makes me very sad to know that there are families that might not be able to do that this year with the shortage,” Whitney Moran, a Junior at Air Academy High School explains her view on the shortage of pumpkins in the area.

Locally, the biggest concern for this situation is Colorado’s beloved Vennetucci Farms, which has offered fun family fall days and a great selection for families to pick their pumpkins for years. This shortage threatens the vast selection and fun times at Vennetucci Farms. “Kids will be sad. You can’t have a happy fall with sad kids,” says Junior Jack McConnell on the subject.

While many are worried about the shortage’s effect on the town and country, others could care less about whether or not they get a pumpkin this year. “I think the pumpkin shortage in America won’t affect much besides a number of pumpkin seeds,” says Air Academy Junior, Brock Bendrick.

While this shortage may mean a lack of pumpkins, it doesn’t have to mean a lack of fall spirit! So go out and make the best of this Autumn season, with or without your favorite fall festivity!