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2016-2017 Staff

Jonathan Flat

Managing Editor

Shalom le'kulam, my name is Jonathan Flat and I am the Managing Editor for this outstanding school newspaper. Sorry Jenny Beth, but I am the Captain now. As a 15-year-old in the 11th grade, I'll always be the youngster of my peers, ...

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Robert Corl

Junior Managing Editor

I came for the politics and pancakes. Oh, and also the sarcasm. My name is Robert Corl and I am a Junior at Air Academy High School. As a Colorado native, I naturally love nature... and wordplay (and awful jokes). I have been...

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Jessica Cox

Senior Copy Editor

Hello, my name is Jessie Starr Cox (Yes, that is actually my name. You can thank my parents for that one). I'm Senior Copy Editor and Head Chef here at the Jetstream Journal. My hobbies include hiking, laughing, smiling, hugging...

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Avery Rodny

Junior Copy Editor

My name is Avery and I am a sophomore. I moved here from Florida five years ago, and the mountains are definitely my "happy place." I love working on my Chaco tan, hiking with my rescue dog, Bella, hanging with children from Africa,...

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Jake Werner

Junior Copy Editor

My name is Jake Werner. I am a Junior and I came here because I like pancakes. I am one of two Mellophone section leaders in the Air Academy Band and have lived in Colorado my whole life. I like computers and love all of the technical...

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Katlyn Blacksten

Junior Copy Editor

Hello! My name is Katlyn Blacksten, or "Kat" to those who know me. The girls Varsity Basketball team is to blame for that because when I first tried out, there was already a girl named Kaitlin on the team, so my name was changed...

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Nicole Anderson

Junior Copy Editor

Hello everybody. My name is Nicole Anderson and I am a sophomore this year at Air Academy. I am notorious for singing horribly (and way too loudly) to great songs with my favorite people. All you really need to know about me is tha...

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Whitney Moran

Senior News Editor

Whitney Moran here. If I was asked to describe myself in less than 5 minutes, to say I would have a challenge would be a stretch. I am a Varsity lacrosse captain, with a passion for my team and the sport I love. I am social media...

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Amber Musselman

Junior News Editor

It's Amber Musselman! I'm a sophomore, Jetstream Journal writer, swimmer, and dog lover. Colorado is my favorite place because mountains are dope; I like them quite a bit, but not as much as I like my dog. If you get to know me...

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Joseph Cordaro

Senior Student Life Editor

Did you know you burn 150 calories an hour by banging your head against a wall? Hi I'm Joe Cordaro, you may refer to me as Joe the Shmo or Average Joe. This is my first year at the Jet Stream Journal. My position is Student Life...

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Morgan Gatlin

Junior Student Life Editor

Hi guys, I'm Morgan and I am a junior at Air Academy. I will be the Junior Student Life editor this year. I am a fruit fanatic and have an obsession with acai bowls. If I could have one everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,...

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Lilliana Hamilton

Senior Sports Editor

Hey! My name is Lilliana and I am a junior at Air Academy High School. I am the Senior Sports Editor and this is my second year writing for the Jetstream Journal. I am on the cross country and track team, but I hate running. I...

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Maria Mettler

Junior Sports Editor

Hi, my name is Maria, and I am the Junior Sports Editor of The Jetstream Journal. I am a senior at Air Academy High School and I run on the cross country and track team. Running is awesome once you get past the leg cramps, de...

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Carter Rodny

Humour Columnist

Hey there! The names Carter Rodny but you may refer to me as little man if you'd like.  Here at the Jetstream, I am co-creator of the Humor Column.  I am currently attending Air Academy for my Junior year.  I love a little...

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Ryan Self

Humor Columnist

What's up? My name is Ryan Self, and I live in southern Colorado. I am a junior here at Air Academy High, and I'm the co-creator of the humor column "Half-Wit Humor" in the Jetstream Journal. I enjoy soccer, basketball, climbing,...

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Cole Pearne

Snapshots of the Month

Oh hey! My name is Cole P., and I am a junior at Air Academy. I work hard and have a passion for writing. Also, I am considered a bit of a legend around here due to my history as a starter on the C-Squad Air Academy Soccer Team. But...

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Luke Negley

Snapshots/Athletes of the Month

Hello my name is Luke Negley and I love the outdoors as well as cold showers and hot cups of tea. Five words that would describe me are adventurous, caring, charming, helpful, and vivacious. I have one brother and his name is...

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Calvin Yocum

Poll Manager

I am Calvin Yocum. I am the expert of all poll related operations in the Jetstream Journal. Along with being a scholar at Air Academy, I play basketball and soccer. My hobbies include playing the guitar, golfing, playing tennis,...

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Kennedy Jamieson

Fun Facts Editor

Hello! My name is Kennedy Jamieson and I am Senior here at Air Academy. I mainly play Lacrosse for the school but I dabble in Field Hockey, Basketball, and Ping Pong. As I am from the (719) and I have spent time in Hawaii, it...

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Ashlie Steel

Lifestyle Columnist

Salutations! My name is Ashlie Steel and I am the Lifestyle Columnist for the Jet Stream Journal. I am a senior, so this is my first and last year participating in the newspaper, but I am ecstatic to be joining the team. When I ...

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Megan Reynolds

Scene Editor/Buisness Manager

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.” I will start my introduction not with my name but with who I am as a person, for that says so much more. I advocate for the smaller ...

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Bethany Diaz

Scene Editor/Junior Business Manager

Hi, I'm Bethany Diaz and I am a Copy Editor, Scene and Heard Editor, and the Junior Business Editor. I am a junior at Air Academy High School where I play the trumpet in the marching band. I love everything that has to do with...

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Ryn Wayman

Social Media Coordinator

Hello Comrades! I'm Ryn and I run the Jetstream Journal twitter (@jetstreamjourn). As an outgoing person I enjoy choir, in which I am an assistant director, and cheer because I enjoy being apart of a competitive team. Short and...

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Lauren Berg-Perlow

Junior Social Media Coordinator

Hello, my name is Lauren Berg-Perlow. I am a sophomore, and I manage the Instagram account for The Jetstream Journal, @jetstreamjournal. I play lacrosse, fence, and sail- which I love the most. I am one of the goalies for the...

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Reagan Brenenstuhl

Senior Photography Editor

Hi, I'm Reagan, and I'm a sophomore this year and the Head Photography Editor. I play lacrosse and swim here at Air Academy. When I'm not playing lacrosse (which isn't very often), I enjoy hanging out with my friends and hammocking. A...

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Anna Cloonan

Junior Photography Editor

Hi, I am Anna Cloonan. I am currently a sophomore here at AAHS. I am a Junior Photography Editor for the Jetstream Journal. I moved to Colorado Springs about 5 years ago; I am originally from Indiana. I swim and play lacrosse...

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Kate Danis

Junior Photography Editor

Hello! My name's Kate, I am currently a sophomore and I’ll be the Junior Photo Editor for the Jetstream Journal. I have lived in Colorado my whole life and am absolutely in love with the state. I have a passion for the mountains...

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